1991 Demo (25 Year Anniversary edition)

by Discourse

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25 Year Anniversary remastered Digital Release
1991 demo from St. Louis' hardcore thrashers, DISCOURSE (1990 - 1992)
Originally on cassette (1,000 copies)


released March 27, 2017

Dan Cadalora - Guitar / Vocals
Tom Sink - Drums
Jason Revelle - Bass*
Ben Reagan - Guitar / Vocals (*bass on demo)

Original demo recorded 1991 at Rock Formations (Collinsville, IL)
Analog salvage - Penguin Recording
Remix / Remaster - Paul Roessler at Kitten Robot studios
Cover art: Jon B


all rights reserved



Discourse St. Louis, Missouri

Discourse was formed in 1990 by vocalist, Mike Pauli; bassist, Jason Revelle; drummer Tom Sink, and guitarist (later vocalist) Ben Reagan. Following Pauli's departure, guitarist / vocalist Dan Cadalora joined- thus completing the final lineup.
Discourse combined elements of hardcore & speed metal, i.e. "crossover", building a large suburban following in the oft-times rivaling Metal & Punk scenes.
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Track Name: Between the Cracks*
Through scattered hallways, hordes of faceless- generic souls with false religions. Separate paths connect for an instant, opposing viewpoints are marked dissension. This artifical sense of comfort- chemical straining, perception distorts. Innuendos crack weak foundations. The hands of fate carry dark intentions.
The price that I might pay- to be cast away. Now maybe I'll see, what lays ahead for me? I cry out in a state of depressive despair- some slighted affirmation- am I going somewhere?
Clear dense, clouded eyes. Blind to all the lies. Come forth into the light- decipher what is right. This path that I've taken- less travelled, I know.
Internal instinct says it's the way I must go....
I sat amongst the mindless masses and watched with passive eyes. Brilliant, creative, vibrant youth- I saw conform and die.
No law or order can contain me, society has turned its back.
I've spent many a cold and lonely night- far between the cracks.
Track Name: Downfall
I awoke early to an empty room. Shadows cascade across untouched walls. Darkness mocks my tired cries- I must rise before I drift away.
Faint sounds augment the hush of dawn. I suffer on in sharp decline.
Break my back another day, as the world tries to step on me.
Oppression knocks me to the floor- to weak to breathe a cry for help.
Each time I think I think I've made a stand. I'm thrown down- the strain keeps growing. So helpless I can't understand- just how low can I get?
Existence- just a matter of time time, before I transcend into self-destruction. I feel the pressure- coming down, I can't restrain it.
Resistance is futile- all around, can't contain it. My will departs, crashing down into a million pieces. Shattered remains, of what was so much power. Plummeting fast- not far until I've hit rock bottom. Walking the edge- at the end of my rope. Ominous feeling of paranoia and depression. A certainty- I know these wounds will never heal. Tragedy strikes hard. Storms of stress kill fair weather. Recession feeds the strife- on this one-way losing streak. Down on my luck- I see my life spread across the pavement. Deemed powerless to witness my own DOWNFALL.
Track Name: Virus Afterlife
Adulterated, this plane of existence. Continued lifeline- electrical form. Mainframes to consoles-computerized creation. Silicon hatred, as I virus I swarm. Into the systems that once could contain me. Under my wrath, they falter- they fall. Infectious knowledge- sows the seeds of malfunction. Suppress and abort any knowledge at all. Escape humanity's accursed tyranny. I am the stowaway- specter in circuitry. No blood to nourish me- subside on energy. Vendetta is my plight- immortal megabyte. Subversive vengeance- complex structures conquered. Complete infection of all man-made machines. Disintegration process- logic and memory. Genocide lurking behind video screens. Eradicating files, records and assets. Killing convenience- dominate, overwhelm. Deny security, fortunes and welfare. I am the lord of this labyrinth realm. Bringer of Judgment Day- nothing stands in my way. Obey syntax commands-your fate lies in my hands. Enter the sequence code- Access, your world explodes. No hope, no SDI- I decree all will die.
Track Name: First Amedment
Decline of individual privileges. Rights contained in your iron grasp.
Time to face the cold reality. Non-conformity - non-existence.
Freedom of outright, true expression- has been contained and imprisoned.
Oppression has made an adversary. Something we believe in- the First Amendment. Now you see, your plan is a dream. Trying to control what is meant to be. Shut down- destroy, the opposition you preach.
We shall arise and conquer through unity.
Track Name: Type A
Cannot sit for too long. Can't decide- is something wrong? Hyperactive- can't sit still, gotta move at my own will. In constant motion I remain- around in circles- am I sane. Can I be the only one who wants to live- to have fun? All this pressure, builds up inside me. Coiled to strike- got to break free. To the brink- constant motion. Wired frenzy- a mass commotion. People these days can't seem to comprehend- what it's like, to be young or free. To live my own life- taking the path that I choose. Succeeding in life- to do what's right for me. I hope someday, I can look back and laugh at all the people who betrayed my trust. Ahead of the pack? I conquer in the long run- and leave those people in my dust.
Track Name: Scarred For Life
Once life meant experience and opportunity. But even in the scheme of things, no one's exactly free. New horizons still maintain some hope, if you let it exist. My dreams died with my hopes- a niche in life I missed. True straight and narrow path offered no rewards. On the path I carved out for myself, all warnings I ignored. All-consuming greed I felt, gnawing deep inside. Impulsive, acting on my id. Morals slowly died. And now I think about the life- the life I could have lead. I sit and muse about the past- cold, bitter regret. All I wanted was prosperity- not a future fated to Maximum Security. Solitude, I sit and watch the world through windows barred. Far past the guards and barbed wire. Here for life, my soul is scarred. Solemn tomb I sit. Watching the world through windows barred. Here for my life- my soul is scarred. Now the hour's drawing near, to leave this prison for the night. Tears fill my tired eyes, as I decide to kill the light. Nothing to look forward to- something I know, all too well. Forever mired in exile. Paroled by hanging in my cell. Now in this hour of my departure- once again, I emerge- truly free. Solution to a problem with no answer. In my life, death's become my only guarantee. Farewell- shackles gone, cast away the chains of strife. REQUIEM- to my lifeless corpse, hurled into a second life?
Track Name: Bludgeoned (rewind remix)**

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